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Hey it’s me Woody! Thanks for stopping, listening, & calling. Without YOU this would be a lonely old ride. Tune in Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am till 11:00 am for the Post!!

Numbers to call are (515) 832-5441 or toll free at 1-800-958-2417 or email me at chrisl@kqradio.com.

Woody here wanting to remind all of you that this site is updated daily and is a FREE service.  Note that all phone numbers have a 515 area code unless otherwise noted.
Thank you to all our listeners and our  great sponsors who make the show possible.


Woody's Helpful Tips For Affective Results on "The Post"

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE:  You will increase curiosity in listeners if you keep your description SHORT AND SWEET.  You want them to call you..and by giving a general description of your items may increase your chances of selling your item(s).
  • ATTITUDE IS KEY:  "Know it all's" and arrogant attitudes don't work.  People want to hear an honest and yet pleasant voice when you try to sell your items.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  • BE PREPARED:  If you are calling to find out a phone # from a previous caller, have a pen and paper handy....I don't know how many times people have asked me to wait on "LIVE AIR" to get something to write on and write with.  The show is only an hour long and I get many e-mails from people that get frustrated with people who do not have anything to write with when they call for a # they want.
  • E-MAIL'S:  The best time to e-mail me is AT LEAST an hour before show time.  Alot of people don't know that I have to copy and paste all e-mails to a word document before each show.  My office is located in the lower level of the builiding and when the show is in progress, I have no time during the show to run down and check new e-mails.  To almost guarantee to have your items read, e-mail me each day.  Alot of people want me to "Put my stuff in the mailbag" or "could you read this for 3,4,5 days".  This is very hard to keep track of.  And I very rarely honor those requests.
  • Following these tips should allow me to take more calls and get more people accomodated on the show.  Thank you all for tuning in and hope you have as much fun riding on "The Post" as I do.



Trading Post Rules                           Trading Post Sponsors

-NO box springs or mattresses          Morts Water Company          
-NO weapons of any kind                   Tony's Tire Service
-NO real estate                                   Pok A Dot Plumbing & Welding
-1 (one) call per party per day            Grid Iron Grill & Sports Lounge
- NO Commercial Businesses        Gilbert Flooring & Paint
                                                            Dinsdale Motors
                                                            Home Appliance
Posted: Feb 12 2016 by clockwood

    For Sale:

    - Binoculars with built in digital camera, $60 / Blue Tooth speaker, $20.  209-9254

    - Floor jacks / 30" tool box / 22 gallon stand up air compressor.  269-0459

    - 1997 Grand Am for parts / 2000 Chevy Malibu for parts / 2001 Chrysler mini van / 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan.  357-0663

    - 2000 Mercury Sable, $2500.  570-9762

    - Ladies mountain bike / fabric / Barbie dolls / dog treats.  832-2424

    - Repair manuals for 2004 GMC Canyon or Colorado truck and for a 1996 K & C series trucks.  570-8606

    - Firewood, $50.  603-9100

    - 1996 Ford Ranger XLT, $1500.  708-8402

    - Aluminum ramps / generator / tool box / small trailer.  851-9391

    - Tonka trucks.  298-1040

    - Goose neck trailer / 20' steel rectangular tubing / 8' dooley truck box.  291-6483

    - Extreme weather sleeping bag / 3 die cast Nascar cars.  571-7401

    - Recliner, $20 / 3 Dell computers, $75-$135.  826-3661 

    - Handicap scooter / hanicap hand controls for a vehicle / Chevy tailgate / assorted hub caps.  606-4472

    - 1977 Ford step side truck / 1948 Plymouth Coupe for restoration / International M tractor.  835-7623

    - 2 portable dishwashers, $100 ea.  298-3636

    - Wedding ring set size 6, $500 / electric dryer, $300.  230-9284

    - 1997 Chevy truck, $1500 / small tilt trailer, $300.  297-4880


       MISC :

    - Wanted:  Arends 8 hp snowblower.  298-1040

    - Wanted:  Need 4 Speed, Mario Cart and any other Nintendo Gamecube games.  297-3112

    - Wanted:  1990's 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevy truck.  570-8606

    - Wanted:  200 sq. ft. of weathered gray barn siding.  571-9269





































































































































































































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